Saturday, June 9, 2012

Julep Maven: June Review!

I heard about the Julep Maven program from MUT and was intrigued. Normally the box costs about 20 dollars a month (a bit much for me, to be honest), but they're almost always featuring great penny promo codes! I usually skip, but this month, I was a sucker for the colors and had to splurge!

First, let me apologize for the drought of posts; I blame it on exams, general stress, and a lack of interesting things to talk about. It shouldn't happen again.

Now, on to the fun stuff. I totally planned to never purchase a Julep Maven box again, simply because they cost more than I really should spend. However, when I saw the gorgeous June Boho Glam colors, I couldn't refuse. They also included some cute lip balm and sunscreen (and Pixi Sticks!), though I'm saving those for trades or gifts.

Reviews of the polish after the cut! (Plus the fun look I created using them, too!)

Julep Robin

I love this color - it's probably the whole reason that I decided to purchase this box! I was trying to get the perfect Tiffany's blue, and while this wasn't quite it, I am still very pleased.
Application:  This was one of Julep's smoother applications. There were a few bubbles, but I'm pretty convinced that it was from my base coat. It really only took one layer - I had to maybe touch up a few places, but it was mostly opaque the first go.
Color: I think it was a little darker on than in the bottle, but I was still quite pleased.
Wear: Most of Julep polishes chip very suddenly on my nails, but this one lasted a little longer than the others. I only started getting chips about three days later - not a personal best, but the not the worst, either.
Final Verdict?
 I'd give it four stars. I was very happy with this polish, even if it wasn't exactly what I was expecting! I foresee lots of use out of this color!

Julep Daisy

I was surprisingly looking forward to this color, too, just because it seemed like it could be a potential dupe for NARS' new Amchoor yellow from their Thakoon line.

Application: This polish did NOT play nice, especially compared to Robin. It was clumpy and bumpy, and I was able to peel it off oddly at one point during application. This was worse than most of my other Julep polishes.
Color:This color wasn't too different from the bottle color, so that was nice. I think it is pretty similar to the NARS Amchoor, or close enough that my want shall be satiated. (Which is good. I cannot afford an $18 polish right now!)
Wear: This surprisingly hasn't chipped yet, and it's been about four days. Normally Julep polishes chip next day for me, but this has been holding on. Of course, I put on a few layers of top coat before and after doing some dot work, so that could be why.
Final Verdict?
 I'd give it two stars. I loved the color, but the application was absolutely crummy. This won't be used as often as some of my other polishes.

If you're curious to see my own personal swatches and how I used the polish, I've included a picture taken below. My camera quality is not the best, so this picture doesn't truly capture the rich colors of this polish. To get the awesome dot affect, I unbent an old bobby pin and carefully did the dotting by hand. 

Did you get a Julep Maven box this month? What colors are you currently coveting? Let me know in the comments! XO, Clueless!