Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Sula's Paint and Peel

As my lovely roomie was going through her nail polish collection, she came across Sula's Paint and Peel in Azure, a lovely aqua blue. I'd actually just seen something about the brand online not to long ago, so I thought it'd be perfect for a review! (Plus my nails were looking a bit scraggly!)

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The idea behind Paint and Peel is just as it sounds; the polish claims that you can simply peel the polish off when you're done without using any of that smelly nail polish remover. The polish is water based and has none of the toxic chemicals that you normally find in nail polish. I was intrigued by the promise, but I couldn't help but question how long the polish would last if it was supposed to peel.

The bottle retails for $9-10 on Amazon, but it's actually a bit smaller than a normal nail polish. A bit steep for me, honestly. The applicator handle was wider than normal, which I found annoying. It made it harder to be precise with the polish.

Streaky, streaky, streaky! Wow, was this polish streaky. I guess it makes sense, considering it lacked the normal chemicals that make for smooth application, so I had to paint two coats, though I probably could have done with one more. The polish claimed you didn't need a base coat, so I skipped it just to get the full feel of the product; maybe if I'd used a base coat it would have come out better.

The polish dried lumpy, even though it was smooth while drying. I didn't use a top coat (at first) because I didn't have the Paint and Peel type and didn't want to affect the product review by bringing in a different brand. Additionally, the bottle warned you not to get the nails wet for four hours. Definitely not a good polish to use before you shower!
You can see how rough it is just from this picture!

No complaints here. It looked pretty similar to the bottle, and I was pleased.  

Ugh. This was the worst part of the polish. I followed all the instructions, let my nails dry fully, and then went straight to sleep. When I woke up, I took my normal shower - and some of my nails were trying to peel! It hadn't even been twelve hours. I was able to use my normal top coat - Sally Henson Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - which did help stop the peeling. The nail did look smudged, however. So frustrating!

On the flip side, it did peel very easily - except on the nails I used the top coat on. So it delivered there, I guess. However, this one feature wasn't quite worth all the other troubles I faced.

The Verdict
1 Star
Sadly, I'm giving this polish just a star. The color was beautiful and I thought the concept had some promise, but the streaky application and terrible wear made this something I would not buy. I do think this product would be good for someone who can only wear nail polish on the weekend because of a career or for a costume party - basically, anyone who wants easy to remove polish but doesn't need long wearability. Otherwise, I'd skip this polish.

Would you ever try this polish? What do you think about paint and peel? Let me know in the comments! XO, Clueless!

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  1. Too bad it doesn't last long--the color is great! Seems like 'Paint and Peel' is a fitting name, but you typically don't want your nailpolish to peel off THAT quickly lol.