Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ten Beauty Commandments of the Clueless

If you're anything like me, then you love beauty but don't have the money, skill, or patience to really master the "techniques" often featured in magazines. I believe in beauty for the normal girl, the one who has enough sense not to wear purple eye-liner but still wants to wear the "in" look. Follow my journey as I test the products, experiment with the looks, and teach you how to wear the fads without breaking the bank or spending hours in the bathroom.

But first things first: I present to you the Ten Beauty Commandments of the Clueless. I live by these ten simple rules, and I consider them the first steps to being less clueless. Try them yourselves, but remember there are always exceptions!

1. Less is more.
 Despite what middle schoolers everywhere seem to think, piling on the product doesn't equal a better look. The point of make-up is to look naturally pretty, and everyone knows that orange tan you've suddenly spotted is not natural. As cliched as it sounds, less really is more. (And please, middle schoolers, put the eye-liner down.)
2. Always do your (online) research.
The great thing about the internet is that it's crazy easy to find out information about any product. If you're trying something for the first time, find out what others are saying. Magazines are not good sources for reviews - remember, they're usually paid to promote certain products. Instead, try looking at other blogs, make-up forums, or even to find out what actual consumers are saying.

3. Why pay more when you can pay less?
Despite what luxury brands want us to believe, it's often possible to find a great dupe at drugstores or elsewhere. Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general don't be afraid to opt for the cheaper version. Your wallet will thank you.

4. Never judge a color by its cover.
The color of almost any product never matches it's packaging. Do a test swatch before purchasing to see if you actually like the color, whether it's eye-shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, or whatever. Purchasing online? Google Images is your friend - find pictures of others modeling the product to get a better idea of how it wears.

5. Some rules are made to be broken.
Believe it or not, it actually is, in fact, okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day. Take similar rules with a grain of salt - just because a magazine says it's so doesn't mean they're always right.

6. Matchy-matchy is almost never in.
Although some rules are made to be broken, some you'd benefit from following, and avoiding total matchy-matchy is one of them. Need a quick guide? Don't match your shoes or bag with your outfit.

7. If it seems appropriate for Halloween, it isn't appropriate for anything else.  
Fashion magazines love to show us crazy outfits and make-up styles, but how many people do you actually see walking around with lip tattoos or furry skirts? Thought so. Save the crazy stuff for Halloween.

8. Wash your face every night.
Do not sleep with make-up on.  Do not sleep with make-up on. Do not sleep with make-up on. Do not sleep with make-up on. Do not sleep with make-up on. Do not sleep with make-up on. Do not sleep with make-up on. Can I be any clearer?

9. Protect your face and hair.
You need to protect your face with sun-screen, even in the winter. Try getting facial products that have at least an SPF 15. Likewise, any heat styling tool - including hair dryers - can damage your hair in a matter of weeks. Find products that will protect them to keep your face and hair healthy.

10. Do it for yourself.
No matter what's in or out, if you like a look, go for it. Ask yourself why you are in to beauty. If it's for anyone else's benefit, you're doing it wrong. What's written in this blog - or in any blog or magazine, really - is simply a matter of opinion. Find your style and strut your stuff.

What are your top ten beauty commandments? Let me know in the comments! XO, Clueless!


  1. It's quite sad that young women such as myself "matchy-match" is such a god-awful thing. I love matching my shoes to my bag, and my nails to my lipstick. Then again, I don't care much for modern fashion... I'm just saying though, to each their own.

    1. If it makes you feel better, this is the commandment that I break the most often! I'm pretty bad about matching shoes to my outfit, but I've started trying to stay away and have found some fun color combos.

      But like you say, to each their own. Always take these with a grain of salt!